found a way inside, left a gaping hole

BRB yelling forever about Scarecrow in Arkham Knight



My contributor copies arrived! They look absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much for putting this together!

Sam & Chuck’s story was my favourite-their facial expressions aah <3

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This is old as dirt but I wanted to have all my refsheets in one place.

This is old as dirt but I wanted to have all my refsheets in one place.

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whispers scarecroc


I’m in the middle of moving house, but I’ll try and find some time to draw soon!

Changing the way I have things set up so people don’t get spammed if they follow all of my blogs, and to make them more content-specific.

White Manticore:

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Doodles, paintings, gifs and photography.


Inspiration/reblogging blog, will reblog most (but not all) of the content from the other two here as well.

Occassional personal posts and miscellany as well

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Solitary confinement cell, Richmond gaol, Tasmania.

Man trap, Richmond gaol, Tasmania.

Man trap, Richmond gaol, Tasmania.

Abandoned hotel, Croajingolong National park, 2007.

The past owner wanted to start a bed & breakfast, but lost his fortune to the perils of drink and gambling, and the site was abandoned. This spot is only accessible by boat, then walking into the bush. Underneath the building had been taken over by bees.

*lays down on the floor*

*lays down on the floor*

Composition revisions so far.

Hey past me? You thought it was a good idea to try and draw something ‘dynamic’ instead of plain old cheesecake right? Screw you, past me. You suck.

Abandoned house and early settler’s shed, Croajingolong National park, 2007

Abandoned WWII Bunker, Croajingolong National Park, 2007

Adventures in weight loss

Adventures in weight loss

FOR MY WARP TWIN: TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it. (◕‿◕✿)

1. I have a couple of benign genetic oddities, notably central heterochromia.

2. If I’m not doing something creative (writing, drawing, costume-making, crafting) I get really unhappy. If I’m unhappy I can’t find the motivation to be creative.

3. I wrote ‘I like to’ and then got distracted and now I have no idea how I was going to end that sentence. I have mild memory issues.

4. Asking what’s my favourite video game will lead to an anguished groan and a list of maybe 10 different games. I couldn’t pick one.

5. The Black Hole was one of my favourite movies when I was a youngster.

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